A Note Regarding The Trump Tweet On Immigration


Dear Clients and Friends:

On the evening of April 20, Donald Trump tweeted that he would shut down immigration for the immediate future. We were as stunned as you but want to be clear that this should not be cause for panic. This action likely reflects political maneuvering rather than implementable policy, and it is not obvious what, if any impact this will have: whether there will even be an executive order, whether it will be legally enforceable, or what categories of people to whom it might apply.

While it is impossible at this point to know the contents of any forthcoming order, past experience tells us that there may not be much substance to these threats. While there may be a slow roll out of new policy, it will likely be limited in scope and application. There may be carve outs for particular statuses and visa types, for those already in the United States, and for those in particular industries, and we expect any order to be heavily litigated and potentially neutralized by federal courts. We remain confident that a thoughtful and bespoke approach to navigating the immigration system, one we have always provided to our clients, can weather this storm.

Even so, we know that this news was devastating to read, a nightmare. We share your grief at the very suggestion that the United States would consider such an action. This country survives and thrives because of the international community within its borders. Indeed, it was not only people with visas and green cards who shuddered with sadness and fear this morning—it was Americans, in every field, endeavor and profession, who know that their lives thoroughly depend on your presence, your help, your contributions. We know that acting together, and only together, can we return to embody the vibrant spirit that has made this community what it is.

We will keep you informed of developments. We stand ready to protect our clients and to advise them carefully, cogently and creatively as we all try to navigate this shifting landscape.

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