Outcome from Trump's Immigration Tweet: A Nightmare Averted

Dear Clients and Friends: Earlier this week, we wrote about President Trump’s April 20th announcement that he would shut down immigration for the immediate future. The announcement, in the form of a tweet, was vague and alarming for many. Today, we can say that the nightmare scenario suggested by the announcement has been averted. In the hours following the tweet, a clear and unflinching response echoed across America – business leaders and average Americans declared in every medium that cutting off Visa and Green Card holders would be devastating to this country. As a result, the White House issued a short proclamation on the night of April 22, revealing a much-diminished plan: a 60-day restriction on certain Consulate-issued Green Cards. The Order goes into effect today, April 23, and suspends for the next 60 days the issuance of new Green Cards, including employment-based, by US Consulates (all located outside of the US). It includes exemptions for a range of fields, such as medicine and science, or EB-5 investors, and Green Cards petitions based on a spousal or parent-child relationship with a US citizen. While the Order will interfere significantly with the lives of many, it is not a permanent or long-term bar of any kind and does not affect a wide range of statuses, including:

  • Temporary visas, like H-1Bs, E-3s, O-1s and Ps, L-1s, Js, Visitor Visas (B-1/B-2) Student Visas (F or M) , Nafta Visas (TN), Journalist Visas (I), or Investor Visas (E-2)

  • Green Cards issued from within the United States—known as “Adjustment of Status” cases

  • Marriage-based or children’s Green Cards

  • Asylees and refugees

We know this has been a trying week for our clients and the vibrant immigrant communities throughout the United States, but we hope each of you can take heart that your contributions and importance were resoundingly affirmed by the outpouring of disapproval for the initial policy. Across the country, Americans know the critical value of immigrants and made their voices heard. As we continue to navigate this uncharted territory, we remain astounded by our clients’ accomplishments and ingenuity and hope you will continue to see us as your partner in pursuing your goals in the United States. Our doors are (virtually) open – please reach out with any questions about your individual case.

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