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Statement on Systemic Racism in America

As the United States faces a dual crisis: COVID-19, a new crisis, and institutionalized violence against people of color, a crisis as old as the nation itself, we wanted to join the dialogue expressing support for change. We must, as a nation, hold law enforcement agencies across America – and at the border – strictly accountable for their actions. We must, as a nation, bring to justice those law enforcement officers who have violated the law, as we confront centuries of injustice. We stand with Black communities and all other communities across the United States in demanding this accountability and we stand shoulder to shoulder with all those who support a United States that is pluralist, diverse, inclusive and, most of all, just, noting that the same forces which oppose a pluralist, just United States also oppose a fair and just immigration system. We fully understand that good words are not enough. For that reason, we are donating to several bail groups and to organizations we believe will help move this nation in the right direction. Here are two of them:

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund

Equal Justice Initiative

A special note for our international clients: Whether you are looking out your window in Brooklyn, Paris, Toronto, Mexico City, Beijing, Melbourne, Capetown or Cairo, some of what is happening across America may seem baffling. As the events of this week remind us all, the United States has incredible strengths, but also a history of racism and xenophobia that needs to be addressed, in a comprehensive manner. The events we are witnessing are the result of a failure to do so, so far. As Americans, we humbly request your understanding and support in this process, and welcome your continued contributions to the global arts, media and business community, working to make this world the more just and vibrant world culture that we all want.

April D. Harris and Kevin M. Dyer

Dyer Harris LLP

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