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Film & Media

O-1 Visas, I Visas, L Visas, H-1B Visas and Green Cards

The U.S. Narrative and Documentary Film and Television industry brings together artists, technical experts, visionaries, and professionals from all over the world.


This includes Screen Writers, Set Designers, Scenic Artists, Costume Designers, Hair and Make-Up Designers, Art Directors, Lighting Designers, Directors, Cinematographers and Camera Professionals, Producers, Digital Artists, Special Effects Artists, Animators, Mixers, Foley Artists, ADR and Dubbing Specialists, Recordists, Editors, Colorists, Actors, Musicians, and Composers, not to mention Agents, Managers, and many more.


As the reach of film and television has rapidly spilled beyond the movie theater and the living room TV set, it is more important than ever to be able to pursue your career aspirations wherever they may lead.


The O-1 Visa was designed to cover people in this exciting, creative field, in addition to other appropriate options, as well.


The attorneys at Dyer Harris LLP bring extensive experience in Visas and Green Cards in media, film, and television, and look forward to discussing your record of achievement, your work, and your goals with you.

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