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Theater & the Performing Arts

O-1 Visas and Green Cards

Theater and the performing arts are alive and well in America. From a big musical on Broadway to a small experimental dance production far from New York, performances of every kind continue to inspire, delight, and provoke from American stages.


The skills, talents, and vision of Directors, Producers, Stage Managers, Costume Designers, Wig, Hair, and Make-Up Designers, Set Designers, Lighting and Projection Designers, Playwrights, Choreographers, and Composers, along with Actors, Singers, Voice Artists, Musicians, Dancers, and Performers are critical to the continued dynamism and excellence in performances mounted in the United States.


Whether it’s an international- or U.S.-based production, the performing arts in America thrives because so many talented internationals find their way to the United States. 

The range of Visa options for Artists, Designers, Writers, Performers, and Entrepreneurs in theater and the performing arts is quite extensive, and careful selection is critical as your Visa strategy will have an important effect on your professional possibilities in the United States.


O-1 Visas in the Arts and O-1 Visas in Business are often a great option for people in theater and the performing arts, but it is also important to consider other alternatives which may better meet your needs.


We have many years of experience helping professionals in theater and the performing arts find a Visa that works for them.


It has been a great honor for us to support each of our clients in this field and we invite you to meet with us to discuss your immigration options. 

Questions? Contact us today.

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