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E-2 Visas, L Visas, O-1 Visas and Green Cards

The U.S. economy turns on constant inflows of new investment, including, and especially, non-U.S. investment.


Subject to a number of caveats, the U.S. offers Visas to foreign investors (and their same-country designees) who invest a substantial, controlling investment in a commercially viable U.S. company. The visa is called an E-2 Investor Visa and it is based on the existence of a ‘commerce and navigation’ treaty between your home country and the US.


We have substantial experience obtaining E-2 visas for clients in industries as diverse as Hedge Funds, Social Media, Film Production, Restaurants, Art Galleries, Luxury and Fashion Retailing, Fashion Design, and Hospitality/Entertainment. 


The complexity of the E-2 Visa process highlights the need for an experienced lawyer to establish and document a compelling narrative of your U.S. company’s current operations and its future promise. We look forward to discussing your investment plans in the U.S. and crafting an optimal immigration strategy for you.

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