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Executives and Professionals

E-2 Visas, L Visas, TN Visas, E-2 Visas, E-3 Visas, O-1 Visas, H-1B and Green Cards

U.S. Immigration (USCIS) defines an “executive” as someone who oversees a business or a division within it, and a “professional” as someone who holds at least a Bachelor’s Degree. Clearly, there can be a lot of overlap between these two groups, and a wide variety of Visa solutions exist for each.


One thing they share in common: they are each essential to the functioning of the modern U.S. economy, by creating jobs for Americans and making our economy vibrant. At Dyer Harris LLP, we celebrate the work of foreign executives and professionals and seek to craft Visa strategies that permit these groups to pursue their dreams – and benefit us all.


With professionals, we begin the Visa analysis with a review of the degree-based visa categories: H-1B, E-3 (for Australians), or TN (for Mexicans and Canadians). With executives, we start with H-1B, but also include E-2 (Investor Visas) and L-1A (Transferred Executive within an international corporate group). Based on your particular situation, we will then consider a number of other appropriate categories to meet your immigration needs.


The solution lies, as always, in the details. We have crafted Visa strategies for many, many executives and professionals, so please contact us, so we can work together to explore the best Visa strategy for you.

Questions? Contact us today.

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