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Dyer Harris LLP is like no other law firm...

FR, Spain >

They combine exceptional legal skills with remarkable caring and interest in their clients’ satisfaction and success. April and Kevin believe that the process of applying for an O-1 visa or Green Card should be an exhilarating confirmation of each client’s work and goals. That they achieve this in their work sets them apart. They are generous and kind, but always rigorous, hardworking and ethical in their legal work. I got my artist green card thanks to them, and I’ll soon be applying to become a citizen. I recommend Dyer Harris LLP to anyone who wants a lawyer who understands their achievements and works for you and with you.

New York City

...They were extremely easy to work with, and dealt with my complicated case...

VH, France >

April and her team made the process of applying for an O-1 visa quite interesting, unintimidating and approachable. They were extremely easy to work with, and dealt with my complicated case — which included work in Hollywood blockbuster films, digital art and experiential technology with tremendous skill, experience-based knowledge and good humor. I was truly pleased with the experience and do not actually dread renewing my O-1.

Success Stories

Wollman joseph-barrientos-zvB76Raf6Eo-un

...So many friends had warned me that most immigration lawyers are distracted and sloppy. April and Kevin were the opposite...

FP, Brazil >

Working with Dyer Harris on my business O-1 Petition was not what I expected... April and Kevin ... listened carefully to my plans to open a new kind of tourism project in New York, made their recommendations to me, and tirelessly answered all of my questions. Their execution was flawless and timely. I always felt that April and Kevin knew what they were doing, and were deeply invested in the success of my project, while maintaining the highest level of professionalism. What really surprised me was how positive April and Kevin were throughout the project: their attitude was always that if we worked together, my dreams could become a reality. And they have. I am very happy to recommend Dyer Harris, as I have often recommended them to my friends.

...I strongly recommend them to anyone considering a visa or Green Card petition...

DF, Malaysia >

I am a fashion director and without Dyer Harris LLP's help in securing me my EB 1-1 Green Card, I would not have been able to move forward with my career. They helped me through every step of the application, took great care with my case and were also extremely thorough with their methods. I felt they went over and above with my case and definitely made me feel that my case mattered to them. I strongly recommend them to anyone considering a visa or Green Card petition.

MET first application for an Extraordinary Alien Green Card was denied. April told me that she felt that re-applying was a very good idea. She was right...

JC, Spain >

I am a digital artist from Spain. April Harris ... studied my career’s history with tremendous enthusiasm and prepared the materials for my case over a six week period, so that we could meet our deadline... Throughout the weeks that we worked together, April was sensitive to my worries, and treated me as a crucial partner in understanding and explaining what made my career important. Although I am very glad I do not need to apply for a Green Card again, for the obvious reasons, I recommend Dyer Harris to my friends, so that their cases can be handled with the same level of professionalism and understanding as mine was.

...I have always felt comfortable and secure with them...

LB, Italy >

As a cinematographer, I knew that getting an O-1 would be challenging. April and Kevin have helped me through this process twice now and I have always felt comfortable and secure with them. They are knowledgeable on the law, and able to navigate the system with the kind of ease that comes from handling cases of this kind frequently. At the same time, they treated me and my case with great care and attention. Working with Dyer Harris is the best of both worlds.

Flatiron lerone-pieters-PTmrpv_2gUI-unsp

...professional, creative and caring, deeply knowledgeable and relentlessly enthusiastic...

JB, Spain >

I am a sound professional for film, and have obtained two O-1 visas with Dyer Harris. I think that they are talented, caring attorneys who are completely devoted to making the visa process less awful for their clients. They are professional, creative and caring, deeply knowledgeable and relentlessly enthusiastic.

Yellow Cabs

...the solution to my issues was something that the “big firm” lawyers utterly missed...

LT, Spain >

I am a cultural manager, involved in visual art, performing arts and film.  When my H-1B time was running out, my employer’s attorneys told me that they had no ideas to help me stay in the US. At the insistence of my friends, I met with April and Kevin at Dyer Harris LLP. They came up with some amazing ideas on how I could apply for a Green Card, including the solution we all agreed on, a National Interest Waiver case. For the next few months, we worked on my case, sharing ideas and developing evidence. [April Harris] was attentive and understanding, creative and deeply knowledgeable. I think that she was as happy as I was when my case was approved... If your case is at all complicated, or requires creativity, I strongly recommend [Dyer Harris LLP] to you, as my friends had for me.

Rainy Street luke-stackpoole-FA8HEWO9Vd8

...resourceful, caring, knowledgeable and positive throughout the process...

SS, Trinidad and Tobago >

I worked with April and Kevin on my O-1 application in 2015, based on my career as an animation and graphic designer. They were resourceful, caring, knowledgeable and positive throughout the process. Even when there was an error on my approval notice, they doggedly fought to have the error fixed. I strongly recommend Dyer Harris.

Gug charlotte-butcher-NNoxw1CtBhQ-unspla

...resourceful, thoughtful and positive...

DC, Korea >

I am a digital arts curator from Korea. An artist I have worked with recommended Dyer Harris LLP to me, when I realized I needed a new visa to stay in the United States. April and I worked together on my O-1 visa Petition. April was resourceful, thoughtful and positive on every aspect of the case, and it was a pleasure to work with her. She showed genuine interest in my work and her enthusiasm helped me to feel confident as we prepared the case. April dealt with all of my referees and colleagues with the greatest care, as well. I am really glad I found Dyer Harris LLP.

Crossing Brooklyn Bridge really matters who you chose to be your Green Card lawyer...

DV, Spain >

I am a journalist from Spain, specializing in cultural and political reporting. Working with April and Kevin was amazing — and showed me that it really matters who you chose to be your Green Card lawyer. The first time I consulted with April and Kevin on an EB 1-1 Green Card, they carefully reviewed my case and told me that my case might not be approved. We had a lengthy discussion about how I could make my case stronger. April followed up with some concrete ideas, as well. A year later, after I had followed up on their suggestions, my application was quickly approved. April and Kevin were incredibly caring, kind and thoughtful— and more importantly, resourceful, intelligent and knowledgeable. I have recommended Dyer Harris LLP to many of my friends in the field without reservation of any kind.

3 Train andre-benz-bXuWgnBHEk8-unsplash.

...we developed a real partnership in developing my case...

GS, United Kingdom >

I am a UK-based graphic designer and art director, with many luxury fashion clients. I was very pleased by my experience working with Dyer Harris in connection with my O-1 application. April was professional, very experienced and consistently supportive. Despite her years of experience with Petitions of this kind, April was genuinely interested in my work, and we developed a real partnership in developing my case. I was amazed at how much went into the O-1 Petition, and felt very safe working with Dyer Harris.

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