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Fine Arts

O-1 Visas, L Visas, H-1B Visas and Green Cards

Painters, Sculptors, Printers, Collage Artists, Photographers, Installation Artists, Fabric Artists, Glass Artists, Landscape Artists, Performance Artists, Digital Artists, and all those that collaborate with them, including Curators, Writers, Museum Professionals, Art Gallery Professionals, and Expert Artist Support Personnel are essential to the American art scene.


Without artists from abroad, the United States would be missing a vast portion of its magnificent talent and vitality.


For decades and decades, America has stood tall as a meeting place for artists from around the world, and we hope to continue to be a place where artists can work freely.


To the extent America has played a leadership role in the arts it is simply because so many international artists have found their way to these shores.


As an artist, there are many alternatives, but the O-1(b) Visa in the Arts was created to address your needs. The O-1 Visa can provide the kind of flexibility an artist needs, and is designed to recognize your achievements, though we will certainly pursue other alternatives, as well.


Our firm’s attorneys have extensive experience in Visas and Green Cards for artists, and look forward to answering any questions you may have. We are committed to working with artists, to help them advance their careers, as we strengthen the Arts Community in America.

Questions? Contact us today.

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