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Staircase with intricate design
Models on a fashion runway
Movie camera
Man on busy New York City corner
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Woman at art gallery


A broad and varied range of U.S. Visas and Green Cards are available to the world’s artists and creative and business professionals, which will enable you to live and work in America. Whatever nation you are from, whatever field you are in, your options can be numerous, and, as a result, your choices are often complex – the key is to find the right Visa or Green Card approach for you. At Dyer Harris LLP, we listen carefully to you, our client, to understand your needs, review your available choices, and help filter your options. Our goal is always to design and execute a viable strategy that is true to you, your career, and your future, and helps you to achieve your goals, both in the short term and over your lifetime. We are truly focused on you and your needs.
At Dyer Harris LLP, we fiercely believe in international artists and creative and business professionals, and their crucial role in the United States and the world. We hope, with our extensive experience in the field, to make the Visa and Green Card process less of a burden for you and more of a celebration of your past achievements and plans for the future. We invite you to review the options and fields described in this section of our website, representing some of the areas of expertise of our clients, and to contact us to discuss your unique immigration opportunities.

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