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O-1 Visas, I Visas, H-1B Visas, L Visas, E-2 Visas, E-3 Visas and Green Cards

Fashion is art, culture, craft, and business wrapped in a daring and brilliant package. The Fashion Industry welcomes some of the most exciting artists, designers, and business people in the world to New York City, as it brings together the best of the arts with the dynamism of global business.


Whether you are a Clothing, Jewelry, or Accessories Designer, Expert Tailor, Expert Jewelry Craftsperson, Extraordinary Craftsperson of Any Kind, Model, Photographer, Graphic Artist, Fashion Stylist, Art Director, Fashion Writer, Fashion Editor, eCommerce Director, Entrepreneur, Investor, or a combination of the above, you have probably found exciting career opportunities in New York.


Even as fashion becomes more global every day, the unique energy of New York continues to drive the fashion world, as the dynamism of global fashion makes New York an even more exciting place to live, work, and create. And, yes, California too.


If you are in fashion, there is an impressive array of Visa options that may be appropriate for you. In fact, the range of Visas for people in fashion may be the broadest of any group.


In the field of fashion, creatives, business people, and those that combine aspects of both may be eligible for H-1B’s, I’s, E-2’s, E-3’s and of course, O-1 Visas in the Arts, and O-1 Visas in Business. We welcome the opportunity to help you craft an immigration strategy that is right for you and your career.

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