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Scholars and Academics

O-1 Visas, H-1B Visas, TN Visas and Green Cards

International scholars and academics may be eligible for a wide variety of Visa and Green Card options.


Whether you are a Writer, Scientist, Curator, Historian, Educator, Lecturer, Librarian, Archivist, Producer, or Researcher, the options open to you depend on a detailed understanding of your record of achievement and your goals.


While many Scholars and Academics hold H-1B Visas, the enhanced flexibility offered by the O-1 Visa may be valuable, and recent changes to the EB 2-NIW classification may make a Green Card petition more feasible than ever.


The attorneys of Dyer Harris LLP have worked with numerous Scholars and Academics to find creative approaches to their needs, encompassing a broad range of traditional and unconventional strategies.


We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your options and opportunities.

Questions? Contact us today.

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