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Artists, Performers, and Arts Professionals

Artists, performers, and arts professionals from around the world are a central component of the American cultural landscape. You make the United States a stimulating, lively cultural center of the world. Without international artists, American theaters, concert halls, clubs, art galleries, fashion events, recording studios, would become quiet, lonely, dull places.


Whether you are coming to the United States for the first time, or have lived here for many years, there may be numerous viable Visa and Green Card options open to you. We hope to help you find the right approach—the Visa or Green Card that will enable you to pursue your goals. With over twenty years of experience in Visas and Green Cards for people in the arts, we have much to offer. If you retain us to submit a filing, or are just seeking guidance, we are committed to providing you with what you need to pursue your artistic passion and career in the United States.

We hope to meet with you soon to discuss your goals and needs. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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Professionals, Investors, and Employees

Because Dyer Harris LLP is highly attuned to the needs of small businesses and their investors, innovators, and employees, we are able to quickly identify a comprehensive, individualized strategy for you. Our follow-through is meticulously crafted and professional.


We understand how to adroitly present cases sponsored by smaller companies to immigration authorities.  We understand small businesses—their needs, problems, and incredible economic potential. We use that understanding to craft presentations and narratives that are sensitively attuned to the facts and nuances of your case and that tell your story with the same care you put into your work.


Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking to invest in the US, an executive seeking a transfer to the US within a multinational corporate group, or a highly credentialed applicant for a complex job, we have the background, skills, and creativity to cogently present your case to the Immigration Service or to U.S. Consulates around the world.


We hope to meet with you soon to discuss your goals and needs. Please contact us for a free consultation.


Journalists, Writers, and Filmmakers

We confess a special affinity for writers, journalists and filmmakers. They are storytellers: they craft narratives to move an audience. As lawyers with broad and deep experience representing such extraordinary artists, we do the same. 


Writers, journalists, and filmmakers may be eligible for any number of visa categories.  We not only have rich experience in all potentially viable visa categories, we employ that experience to prepare individualized bespoke filings that reflect the goals and aspirations of these accomplished storytellers. The solution might be an investor visa, a journalist visa, an O-1 artist visa, a TN (NAFTA visa), an E-3 for certain Australian artists, or an H-1B for artists whose work may be contained within a single complex employment context. The conversation begins and ends with the goals, background, and accomplishments of the client. We craft nuanced, tailor-made filings that match the creativity of our clients.


We hope to meet with you soon to discuss your goals and needs. Please contact us for a free consultation.

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